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Audax Club Parisien
Organizers of the legendary Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) 1200 km ride, which takes place every 4 years. PBP has been run since 1891, and is the predecessor to the Tour de France.
Language: French


Website of the Audax United Kingdom. They organize Brevets and the London-Edinburgh-London (LEL). There are lots of pictures of the LEL here.

Rocky Mountain 1200
1200 km through the Rocky Mountains in B.C. and Alberta in Canada, which takes place just about ever year.

Annual 1200 km randonnée in the U.S.A., which dips into Canada around Montreal.

Gold Rush Randonnée
A 1200 km randonnée in California, U.S.A...

Audax Australia Website
Audax Australia organizes Perth-Albany-Perth (1200 km), the great southern randonnée (1200 km), and many other events.

Race Across America
One of the most difficult sporting events in the world (if not the most difficult). 4800 km race across the U.S.A..

An annual 600 km ultra bike marathon in Switzerland, that goes through Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.
Languages: English, French and German

An annual 540 km ride in Norway.
Languages: English, German and Norwegian

Brevets in German speaking countries
List of Brevets in German speaking countries; Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Language: German

North Bavarian randonneuers home page
Information and reports about brevets in northern Bavaria (Fränkische Alb in southern Germany), and randonneuring in general. Karl Weimann coordinates the brevets and this site.
Language: German

Steffen and Andy riding the LEL

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